One of many social art performances that are originated from north bali is Genjek. The word “genjek “is derived from the word “gonjak” means joke. It was born as a kill-time activity; it started through talking and accompanied by the tuak (sweet wine made from the coconut palm flower) then developed to a kind spontaneous singing performance. Nowdays the genjek can be used as an extension of a person’s artistic expression as well as a medium for relaying information. Joy, is the basic characteristic of genjek, the joy of genjek comes from the lyric of its song.

Often these lyrics take the form of love, bawdy jokes on everyday activities, criticism of politics, modern times, people’s changing values and so on. The public can easily relate to these messages, due to genjek’s simple and accessible form. Moreover, genjek lyrics always have the local audience in fits of laughter.