MV Seaborn Legend docking in Celukan Bawang

Beritabali.com, Celukan Bawang. Enchanting beauty of North Bali glance appear to be increasingly international world. This is evidenced by the inclusion of Buleleng as one tourist destination Seabourne Cruises MV Legend of doing a tour of Indonesia.

Cruise ship carrying 212 passengers was docked at Pier Port Buleleng Sunday (01/22/2012). Seabourne Legend back in the Port Celukan Bawang for 10 hours, before continuing the journey, Sheet, Benoa, Tanah Ampo, Gili Trawangan, Kupang, Larantuka, Waingapu, Sumba, Komodo Island and return to Singapore.
The arrival of cruise ships with length (LOA) 135 meters and weight (GT) 10,000 tons and draft of 6.6 meters is a historical record for Buleleng. Because this is the first time a cruise ship back in the North Bali. This moment was greeted enthusiastically by the Government and people Buleleng welcoming guests to follow the city tour. The cruise ship passengers are invited to visit some tourism objects such as temple Banjar Buleleng, Gedong Kertya, Niagara Gitgit and some other natural attractions.
Preparation prepared by PT. Indonesia III branch of the harbor with Celukan Bawang Buleleng regency. Even Regent Buleleng, Putu Bagiada accompanied GM IPCs directly Poniman welcome guests tersebu Bahamas-flagged vessels.

"Basically, although it is generally known as the Celukan Bawang port harbor loading and unloading of goods, but the only port in North Bali berlabuhnya meets the standards of cruise ships," said Regent Bagiada.
"From the survey results, the Port Celukan Bawang are categorized as a natural harbor with the ocean has a depth and small waves, so it is feasible to ship against the dock," said Bagiada.
The presence of MV Seabourne Legend in North Bali for the inaugural, cruise ships are expected to invite others to lean on Celukan Bawang. To support this, Buleleng regency in cooperation with the IPC to seek development pier facility that is currently a 150-Meter will be expanded gradually until to 250 meters. (Bim)

Source : http://www.beritabali.com