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Melanting Temple
It is quite interesting. Believe it or not this mystic tale is still being told till now. Melanting temple is one of the temples built commemorating the visit of the Javanese Hindu Priest, Danghyang Nirartha. The temple is believed to be the place where his eldest daughter, Ida Swabawa, turned into the spirit. The t..
Pulakies Temple
It is located in Pulakies Village, Seririt Sub District, Singaraja Regency. It will takes 3 hours drive from Bali's International Airport and 1 hour drive from Singaraja town.

Pulakies Temple is one of the most famous temple in the north part of Bali. There are the group of monkeys dwell the hil..
Menjangan Island
You can reach the port to depart to this beautiful island by 3,5 hours drive from Denpasar. You can choose to go there via the west part of Bali area or the north Bali area. If you go from north Bali area you"ll get the hills, mountain, forest and the ricefields views and cool weather. If you choose to go thoug..
The Jaya Prana Grave
Jaya Prana is one of the famous legends in Bali with tragic love history. The Jaya Prana Grave is set on the hill in Bali West National Park or Taman National Bali Barat with beautiful Balinese ornament and many visited by the local Balinese Hindu. The sort story of this tragic love history was Jaya Prana, a young h..
Busung Biu Village Rice Terrace Point Of View
This beautiful paving paddy (rice terrace) is located in the south of end the Busungbiu Village - 39 km south of the city singaraja, on the main street Singaraja - Denpasar via Pupuan. This expanse of rice fields looked so amazing with the background of the green hills and in the middle - the middle of paddy fields ..
Brahma Asrama Vihara
Bali’s only Buddhist monastery, Brahma Asrama Vihara, is about 1, 2 kilometers beyond the village of Banjar Tega, which is about 2 kilometers from the main coast road. It well knows as Vihara Buddha Banjar, it is the biggest Buddhist temple in Bali. Located at a hilly area at Tegehe Village, Desa Banjar, Bulel..


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Spiritual Journey
In Northern Bali you can experience spirituality in various ways. The most common forms to us Westerners are found at..
Kain Songket
Songket adalah jenis kain tenunan tradisional Melayu di Indonesia, Malaysia, dan Brunei. Songket digolongkan dalam ke..

Paul Keane   2012-01-26 14:27:50
I'm definitely looking forward to come back another time to watch the dolphins. And also to snorkel. Yup, we did not man..
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