Sudang Lepet
Literally, the word "sudang" means salted fish, while "lepet" means bad luck. So if combined, sudang lepet means a “unlucky salted fish”. How they make it? To make sudang lepet first fish should be cleaned. After that the fish is grilled over wood burning while pounding with a special..
Rujak Buleleng (Buleleng Fruit Salad)
Rujak Buleleng is one of traditional food from Buleleng regency. It is made of fruits and vegetables. Long peanut, ‘kangkung’, bean sprout, bitter melon, and egg plant is usually use to make rujak buleleng. For the fruits is using all kind of fruits such as star fruit, pineapple, cucumber, kedondong, ben..
Tipat Blayag
Tipat Blayag is one of the most famousSingaraja’s traditional foods. Pengelatan village is well known as the place who found the first recipe of tipat blayag. From the ancient, people from this village are conserving the recipe until now. How they make it? The main part of a portion of tipat blayag is the &lsq..
Laklak is traditional snacks is made from sticky rice flour. Balinese usually make it with two different colors but have the same taste. Laklak is a good tea mate as well as a snack for offering. Before eating Laklak you have to pour liquid palm sugar and grated coconut. Finally, Laklak is ready to be served with ho..
Siobak Singaraja is special food from Buleleng. It is made of pork. Such as the bowels, skin, red pork and fried pork which is pouring by brown soup made from special tauco from Buleleng with garlic spicy. Besides that siobak also serving with pork crispy chip (keripik kulit babi). How they make it ? Simple, boil th..
Jukut Undis (The Black Bean Soup)
This soup is famous among the Balinese. How they make it? Jukut undis vegetable soup are made from undis (black kara). This is a kind undis peas, if you are old, seeded purplish black and shiny. Cooked as a soup with spice from nutmeg, coriander, onion, garlic, a little cumin, some chili, bang lemongrass, shrimp pas..


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Buleleng has become the centre for grape production in Bali. Grapevines are suitable and grow well in areas from a he..

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