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Gedung Kirtya, Sebuah Perpustakaan lontar yang unik
In the former colonial capital of Bali, the old market town of Singaraja in the district of Buleleng, you will find a unique library named "Gedung Kirtya". This library annex museum collects, copies and preserves thousands of lontar (palm leaf manuscripts), "prasati" (transcriptio..
Tari Wayang Wong
Bali has many traditional dances, one of which is the Wayang Wong. Wayang Wong is a dramatic dance drama and is taken form the Indian epic, the Ramayana.

The word ‘wayang’ means shadow puppet, and the Ramayana used to be performed as a shadow puppet theatre. The word ‘wong’ m..
Bali 1928: Gamelan Gong Kebyar – Emergence of Kebyar
Kebyar came into being around the turn of the century and innovations were brewing between 1910 and 1915 in North Bali’s Buléléng region, the Dutch colonial administration center. Elders in Bungkulan have said that the musical dynamics of Dutch military marching bands influenced the nascient keby..
Seni Lukisan Kaca di Nagasepaha Buleleng
Buleleng regency has many unique handicraft products in its repertoire, one of them is glass painting. The art of glass painting can be found in the village of Nagasepaha, near Singaraja. The glass painting art in Nagasepaha is relatively new, it appeared in 1927. The pioneer of this art was Jro Dalang Diah.
Nyakan Diwang
People in north bali, specially those who come from banjar region (specially Munduk and Banyuatis village) have an unique tradition to do one day after they celebrate the Balinese new year (Nyepi).

On that day, all peoples in village will come out from their houses on the early morning ( usually sta..
Taruna Jaya Dance
Taruna Jaya created by I Gede Manik, a very famous dancer from Jagaraga, north bali. He was a student of Pan Wandres and in 1952 he choreographed Taruna Jaya ("Victorius youth") dance out of Legong Kebyar. At that time, it was danced by two women, but today it is usually done as a solo. This dance requires..
Gamelan Lelongaran
Buleleng (north bali) is rich with gamelan repertoires, Lelengoran is one of them. Lelengoran is a gamelan style that is considered as the prototype of the popular Kebyar style. Lelegoran was introduced for the first time in the village of Bungkulan, in East Buleleng around and spread to West Buleleng around 1914. L..
One of many social art performances that are originated from north bali is Genjek. The word “genjek “is derived from the word “gonjak” means joke. It was born as a kill-time activity; it started through talking and accompanied by the tuak (sweet wine made from the coconut palm flower) then de..
Gong Kebyar
Gamelan gong kebyar is a style or genre of Balinese gamelan music. Kebyar means "the process of flowering", and refers to the explosive changes in tempo and dynamics characteristic of the style. It is the most popular form of gamelan in Bali, and its best known musical export

Gong Kebyar w..
Joged Bumbung
oged bumbung is the only form that might be called a social dance in Bali. A joged troupe features 4-5 dancers, each of whom first does a short dance, twirling her fan and flicking her waist sash, her eyes searching the audience to find a good match. Her hips sway easily back and forth and her smile includes all her..


MV Seaborn Legend Berlabuh di Celukan Bawang, Celukan Bawang. Pesona keindahan Bali Utara tampaknya semakin dilirik dunia Internasional. Hal ini di..
Gamelan Lelongaran
Buleleng (north bali) is rich with gamelan repertoires, Lelengoran is one of them. Lelengoran is a gamelan style that..
Kain Songket
Songket adalah jenis kain tenunan tradisional Melayu di Indonesia, Malaysia, dan Brunei. Songket digolongkan dalam ke..

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